Online Reputation Management Solution for Private Schools

Bee Page One – The Total Reputation Solution for Private Schools Perhaps more than their public and charter counterparts, private schools must maintain a positive image. Parents who choose this option pay a premium to ensure their children get the best education possible, and before making such a large financial commitment, they will do their...

Posted by February 28, 2018February 28, 2018

Online Reputation Management in Education: How Schools Can Set the Right Tone

Online Reputation Management in Education: How Schools Can Set the Right Tone What message is your school trying to send? Perhaps as an educator, you’ve never considered this question before, but have no doubt – with every communication online, your school community is telling the public who they are and what they stand for. Over...

Posted by February 27, 2018February 27, 2018

Reputation Management Training Charter Schools

Reputation Management Training Charter Schools: A Boon for Charter School Communications Directors At any given moment, online searchers are forming impressions – about you, your school and whether they should associate with you – and acting on their findings. Researchers estimate that least 64 percent of people rely on search engines when deciding where to...

Posted by February 16, 2018February 16, 2018


Reputation management and reputation marketing involves growing your reputation online and using the testimonies and reviews to earn the trust, as well as gain the attention, of other potential users clients and customers. People will always patronize businesses or services they trust and 98% of students and their parents will go online to read about...

Posted by November 19, 2017November 19, 2017