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A full assessment of your page one and page two web presence that results in a grade on a scale of A through F. This, patent pending, process systematically reviews page one and page two results for your name or business name in search engines. Imagine someone “Google’s” your name or business, we find and evaluate what they will see about you. This reputation scorecard is measured based on six criteria;

  • Positive Results
  • Professional Information
  • Negative Results
  • Other Results (those similar but not associated with you or your business)
  • Negative Attacks and Age of Information
  • Links to all online results
  • Plus: Strategy for Improvement


Your online reputation is, in a sense, who you are to the people who have either just met you or about to meet you. For example: Prospective employers, clients, friends or romantic partners. We recommend that you “grab the real estate” of page one results on search engines. That is made up of the first ten (10) results that are returned for your name or search terms.

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